DISCLAIMER: And this is a big one…I intentionally have not researched this AT ALL. All of this advice has been gleaned from years of producing, creating, strategizing and ultimately distributing content. So here we go…

So you want to start creating content, HUH?

How do you start?

Answer is pretty simple. You just start. Motivation doesn’t come from looking for motivation – it comes from doing it regardless of whether you feel motivated or not. I can promise you that somewhere along the line you’ll either find motivation and start liking what you’re doing and feeling inspired…or you’ll keep hating it and you’ll hire someone to do it for you.

But how? What’s the strategy? What’s the attack plan?

First, let’s define the term “content.”

“Content,” can refer to just about anything that relates your message. That said, it is usually broken down into the following categories:

  • Video Content
  • Photographic/Graphic Content
  • Audio Content
  • Text Content

We’ll delve further into each category and exactly how to create those types of content affordably and in a timely manner in another blog (or, possibly, series of them).

For now, let’s focus on how you can begin creating content in general.

Why? How is this possible? It’s possible to apply some overarching principles to all of this because in the end, you are CREATING. And you are creating to scale, and you are creating consistently.

So here are my top tips for content creation:

What does this mean? This means you pick a number of days per month that you use for creating on content. And you create A LOT of content.

HOW you do this is up to you. Regardless of the method, batching means you are designating time (and, sometimes, money) to creating the content you need to get out. This method ensures that you actually have something to post when the time comes.

“But isn’t batching in-organic? Won’t it come off as manufactured? Won’t it feel planned?”

Not necessarily. It depends on how you approach it. Strategy is everything when it comes to distribution. Like most things in life, a lot of the trick to this is developing the skill, the muscle, and the fortitude to get it done, and then forgetting everything you learned and acting rather than thinking.

The funny thing, is that batching can be the key to being more organic, more spontaneous and more consistent in your content distribution.

Which brings us to our second point…

Scheduling = Consistency.
Consistency = Engagement.
Engagement = Conversion.
Conversion = Success. (Whatever that word means to you.)

Do you need to schedule 31 out of 31 days of content on a content scheduler to be considered, “Someone who schedules their content”? Hell to the NO.

Do you need to have a road map? A game plan? A strategy?

You know how I’m going to answer that one.

So yes, schedule. And if you feel that writing the post ahead of time and choosing the photo ahead of time or recording the podcast three weeks ahead of the day you will distribute it is not advantageous to your business plan or helpful to your audience, then, please, don’t do that!

But DO have a plan. Have some sort of schedule.

This can look like a media scheduler, a posting platform, a calendar on your computer, reminders on your phone, or a good old-fashioned paper planner. If you’re me, you use 4 or 5 different methods of scheduling to make sure you know where you’re going well-before you start the journey, but you do the actual distribution organically. Nothing is off-limits here.

Which brings us to our third and final point…

Let’s be real – all sins are forgivable of the content is good enough.

BUT…consistency make the difference between seeing ROI on your investment next year and seeing it in 10 years.


Because we are creatures of habit. I love nothing more than knowing that I will be treated by my favorite influencers when and if I choose to open IG/FB/Podcasts/YouTube when I sip my coffee in bed while petting my dog, because ultimately…


Arbitrary-rules-be-damned, being consist is your greatest ally and your greatest weapon because it signals comfort and dependability. Because admit it – when life sucks, your favorite podcast or youtube show or blog doesn’t necessarily make it all better. But it does enable you to get your head together enough to start making it better for yourself. And that is really why you listen to/watch/read it in the first place.

There you have it. I hope this helps you, whether you are a solo-preneure trying to strike out on your own and grow affordably, or a newly-minted professional trying to understand this business and forge a new life for yourself.

Any questions, as always, DM or Email or comment, and thanks for reading.

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