Hi Everyone!

We’ve got the cobbler’s children running around without shoes over here – meaning we spend all of our time blogging and shooting and posting for our clients, but not much time doing it for ourselves.

So we’re gonna take a stab at changing that this month…

And, to cut to the chase, here’s some stuff that might get you actual conversion from your Social Media, Blogging, Emails and more. Now, wouldn’t that be grand?

Without further ado…here’s WHAT WE’RE WATCHING.

Instagram Reels have done 700-900% better for our test clients (and our own account) over the past 30 days. We have shifted all of our retainer video client accounts to anywhere from 30-60% Reels this month, and we’re forecasting great results. We’ll keep you updated.

You Should Know – Instagram does not cross post Reels to Facebook at the moment. You have to post your Reel to Facebook directly as a separate video.

Big Nick’s Pizza Reel
Sujan Creative Reel
Erin Sujan and her dog, Pono
Woman being coached in pillates
Our client CoeDynamics saw new clients from blog-driven SEO during the month of June. This feedback means that we’re on-point with our messaging and our demographic, and that the blogging and social media posting we’re doing is starting to push us higher up the ranks us on Google.

You can do it too! We can help you hone your message and target your audience. If you are writing your own content, make sure you are paying attention to your analytics, and also that you research the keywords surrounding your blog before you write it. Include the top performing verbiage from your research in your blog writing.

You Should Know – Blog conversion from SEO doesn’t happen overnight. We had been working with CoeDynamics for 6 months before they saw conversion blogging. Manage your expectations, and know that if you are consistent you will succeed.


Anchor collection graphic
anchor collectoion flyer announcing new client, Albamy Events
We got feedback from a client’s client recently, which made us feel really warm and fuzzy inside :-).

More importantly, the client’s client told us how they look for our social media posts, and they look forward to seeing the newsletter pop up in their inbox because they know it will be informative and fun.  

This is so important, because it is the first step in creating brand loyalty.  Top of mind advertising is hard to do because the competition is so steep.  Once you get people looking for your content, you have them in your corner.  They are loyal to your brand, whether they consciously recognize it or not.  

SEE THE DIFFERENCE:  Anchor Collection Instagram, Anchor Collection Website

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