So, on the topic of New Years, Resolutions, New Beginnings, Fresh Starts and all that jazz…

We are committed to putting out more helpful content this year and being there for you with Tips & Tricks and the Why’s and How’s behind using content to market your business.

And, let’s be honest, we’re trying to practice what we preach, because it works!

Which brings us to our topic of the month…


Consistency is a must in marketing. It’s important not just to make sure you actually do the thing, but because you are establishing Brand Loyalty by being consistent in your communication with your followers. Every touch you put out there is in some form a communication with your audience, and the regularity of that communication determines how much they trust you.

So how do you ensure your own consistency when marketing your business? Here are our top 4 tips to help you keep yourself and your team on track.

Tip #1 – Write

Inspiration doesn’t just strike – you have to work for it.

We have a client who keeps a notebook by her bed so that when she wakes up and is in that state between sleeping and waking, she can jot down the ideas that come to her, look at them later, and use them to create content for her business.

As a content provider, we ask our clients to text us or email or call with any ideas or absurd notions they have, because sometimes what seems weird to them might actually be a key insight into what makes their business tick.

If you have an idea, voice memo it on your phone, put it in your notes, email it to yourself – anything to make sure that you can find it later and use it as inspiration for content.

Tip #2 – Plan

And plan faaaaaaaaaar in advance. We plan our own content out a year in advance. It helps keep us honest, aids in scheduling guests for interviews and the like, helps us budget, and ensures we’re not missing important industry holidays.

Which brings us to…

Tip #3 – Batch

Let’s face it – sometimes you’re just too tapped out to create anything. Sometimes there are fires that pop up that you have to put out, and maybe in any given day you have to deal with 5 problems that are more important to the survival of your business than whether or not you posted to Instagram that day.

But this is the very thing that kills your consistency and obstructs the gains you were making in creating a loyal following.

So how do you ensure that you’ll always be able to post? Do it like the pros do it and batch your content.

If you have it ready to post or send or publish, all you have to do is hit a button and it’s up. If you wait to write or shoot it till the day it’s supposed to go up, well…you can finish that sentence yourself.

Set yourself up for success and create everything the month before the month you’re going to post it. That means you are creating content for January in December.

There’s a hitch in this giddy up, however. What if you hate creating content? Or what if you truly don’t have the time?

The solution to these problems is…

Tip #4 – Delegate

Erin Sujan is a wonderful storyteller. She’s a great filmmaker, she’s even a better than average dog mom, and she can edit video faster than anyone we know.

Erin Sujan is also an extraordinarily bad bookkeeper. We are talking epically terrible. Part of the reason she’s bad at is, well…she hates it.

So Sujan Creative has employed a bookkeeper for the past 3 years. As with most things that you dread doing but also dread paying for, this bookkeeping service is both less expensive than we thought it would be and 1000% more accurate than we would be if Erin were doing our books.

Do yourself a favor, and hire someone to create your content. We LOVE our jobs. We create great marketing content not just because we are skilled at what we do, and not just because we are experienced and know our stuff. We create great marketing content because we love creating great marketing content.

You do what you’re good at, and let us do what we’re good at.

You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube by looking for Sujan Creative. Feel free to drop us a line anytime at , and if you liked this and other content on this site, don’t forget to share it with a friend.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time.

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