Why do some reels on IG draw you in and others are just “eh”?

One word – Professionalism.

Filmmaking is an art. Stories have been told through the medium of moving imagery for over a century. And, while viewers’ preferences do adapt over time, some principles hold true through the ages.

Yes, you are now watching ramen noodle videos and TikTok challenges on your phone more often than you might be watching The Godfather. And are they the same thing? Heck no!

But the same principles apply. Always. Nuff said.

Today, we’re here to break it down for you!

Here’s how to kick your video up a notch in 12 simple steps, released over 12 lovely months:

#1 – Stop Moving So Much.

Choose a movement and stick to it. And keep it to one movement per shot. Don’t pan and slide and tilt all at once. Be a mean, clean camera-moving machine. Your social media followers will thank you, and so will we.

Also, don’t wobble baby wobble baby wobble. Just don’t. Find a friendly bench to lean on, a chair to sit on, or invest in fancy stabilization doo-hickeys like tripods or monopods, but stop the wobble in its tracks! The more fluid your movement, the more watchable it will be.

Want more tips? Stay tuned, or drop up a line at info@sujancreative.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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