We are so excited to finally premiere the work we’ve been doing with Angel’s Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro! Here is the first installment in our 12 part series highlighting the Studio Artists of Angel’s Gate Cultural Center.
Angels Gate in San Pedro, CA
Arriving at Anna’s studio is a trippy experience. You go up an unassuming little dirt road, through a small gate and over a hill, and all of a sudden you have a sweeping view of the entire Palos Verdes Peninsula and the Port of Los Angeles. Anna has one of the most desirable studio spaces at Angel’s Gate Cultural Center, sitting further away from the main compound. These spaces allow artists to truly get in the zone, and the view makes them incredibly inspirational.
Being in Anna’s studio reminded us of shooting in Central America. The natural materials, laid back vibe, and creativity seeping out of the pores of the place really got our creative juices flowing for the shoot. Everything in Anna’s space is wonderfully simple and wonderfully complex at the same time. The materials and objects and even the art follow the same vein, but their context and what they are communicating is so much more than initially meets the eye. You just want to stay there for hours and soak up all the clay figurines and the wood sculptures are trying to tell you.
Hanging sculpture
Anna talking
Anna in camera screen<br />
Sculptures drying
Anna was a joy and a pleasure to film! She is so energetic and fun to talk to. Anna has been at Angel’s Gate for many years, and has seen many people in management come and go. She had nothing but good things to say about the management at Angel’s Gate and the care and attention they show to each and every artist.
Anna sculpting

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