Just in case you missed it, we just lived through another tax season.

This is the season that can turn the toughest of business owners into the saddest puddle of tears.

We thought we’d send you (and ourselves) a little reminder during this lovely season.

Stop Looking At The Diamond Lane – You’ll Get In A Crash.

This can apply to many areas of our lives. Seeing our corporately-employed in-law rack up those Teslas and expensive golf clubs doesn’t feel so good when we’re staring down the barrel of thousands of dollars owed in quarterly tax estimates.

Social Media and Marketing for our businesses is no different. It’s easy to get discouraged and even resentful when we see silly accounts getting thousands more hits and follows than ours just because they have “popular” content to show off. We get discouraged, we feel like our efforts are futile, and…big shocker…we just stop trying altogether.

This is your reminder for today that (WARNING – Los Angeles Specific Metaphor to follow…)

If you’re sitting in traffic on the 405 in rush hour, and you’re fixated on the people in the Diamond Lane who are going 5x as fast as you, you’re probably gonna miss the big red semi that already stopped in front of you, and you’re gonna get in a nasty crash.

Social Media is not a race. Social Media is a marathon.

Those people in the diamond lane could be cheating. Maybe there’s no one in that passenger’s seat.

Or, that big account you’re drooling over on Instagram could have a person behind it who is liking, commenting and messaging 5-8 hours a day and working their butt off for those results.

You don’t know why, and you don’t know how. Pay attention to your own driving. Do the absolute best with what you’ve got, and let others do the same.

And congratulations for making it through another Tax Season!

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