About Us

Erin Sujan

Founder, Lead Strategist

I am a story teller, and I want to tell your story.Let me show you…

Erin’s mission is to bring people and businesses closer to their purpose by helping them express themselves through powerful words and images.

Erin has been in the content and strategy world for close to two decades. She has worked for corporations and government agencies, small and large businesses, and has partnered with production companies, marketing agencies, non-profits, event companies and start-ups before launching Sujan Creative in Los Angeles in 2017. She has lived and worked in LA, Hawaii and Washington D.C., and counts clients such as Amtrak, TEDx, The U.S. Navy and the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Washington D.C. among the clients she has been fortunate enough to serve.

Growing up in an inter-racial household taught Erin how to value principles and purpose over conventional norms. She spent her childhood in-studio and on-location with her artist mother and writer/actor father, and began working in the film industry at a young age. In this way, Erin learned to combine artistic endeavors with professionalism, and a dedication to craft with a sense of freedom and fun.

Purpose is important to Erin, as is the meeting of artistic creation and commercial endeavor. Erin’s primary goal is to make sure her client’s purpose is evident in every piece of work she creates for them, resulting in a cohesive branding effort that creates trust and loyalty in the marketplace. Erin surrounds herself with other professionals who think the same way, facilitating a cultural meeting of the minds where creativity and commerce are perfect partners.

Time away from work is spent perfecting water-sports skills or polishing one of a myriad of artistic endeavors she is constantly embarking on. Erin spends an increasing amount of time volunteering for feminist and underprivileged-community causes. Her best buddy is an old, salty Labrador Retriever named Charlie.

Our Team

Renahy Aulani

Lead Writer

I’m obsessed with a lot of things. Like notebooks and minimal backpacks that can fit more notebooks than I need. But the thing I’m most obsessed with and constantly in awe of is the power of words. Words can uplift and inspire you even in the darkest times. Words can make you laugh until you cry. Words can bring people together and form lasting bonds. Words can ignite movements that change the world we live in. I’m here to help you find your words, your power, so we can present them to the world in a way that embodies you and your purpose.

Meghan Jones

Lead Strategist –
Public Relations & Social Media

I am a creative catalyst who loves being uniquely social. I’m a pop culture junkie and self proclaimed art nerd. I’ve always had a knack for connecting people and sharing their stories. Fur baby mom to the fullest, and couldn’t manage without a good cup of joe. Find me reading blogs, listening to podcasts, crafting the perfect caption, researching the latest trends. Proud and honing my nearly 20 years of management and marketing experience.


…great minds think alike.

Lisa Green Bolhuis – Web, Graphic and Print Design

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