Sometimes, it just gets messy up in here.

We know. You want to advertise for this pop up, or make sure you connect on this holiday, or you need to celebrate an employee on their birthday or this or that client on their anniversary…

And pretty soon, your feed looks like a 5 year old went at it with a box of crayons.

It happens to all of us, which is why a little housekeeping is in order every now and again.

Archive posts that don’t fit your brand aesthetic – and be ruthless with this one. Anything even remotely janky gets archived.

Take a once-over through the rest of it – does it still apply? Do you need to edit copy? Are their typos? (See what we did there? 😂) Now is your chance!

Notice the Content Holes – Are you promoting sales often and have very few trending posts? Are you only posting planned posts with very little organic interaction? We all have blind spots. Don’t be embarrassed, just notice them and try to fill them.

Periodic cleaning is the best way to make sure your social feeds are on-point and communicating what you want to communicate in the long-term.

SHOW US! Screenshot your feeds’ before and afters, post them in your stories, and tag us @sujancreative!

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