Ever wonder how the same actor can feel menacing in one shot, but cute and funny in another? It’s not just the writing and the acting. A lot of how we feel about an image is dictated by camera angles.
two boys giving the thumbs up on the field with other kids in the background
Video Tip #3 – Choose Your Angles Wisely

If you are shooting a video of yourself or someone else talking to the camera…

Too low = looking up someone’s nose and/or giving someone many eyelids and chins
Too high = extra long noses, shadows on the face

You want a reasonable balance. Set your camera up a few inches above eye level. You want it just slightly higher than your eyes, but not by too much. Books work great for this, as do boxes and the backs of small children. (We’re kidding. Do not send us letters.)

Conversely, with the right subject matter…

Very low = sense of adventure, danger, or excitement
Very high = sense of calm, peace, or control

If you are looking to impart a sense of excitement to an action photo, getting low is a great way to do so. If you’re looking to make an object look sweet, cute or appealing, try shooting it from above.

We love seeing examples! Shoot them over to us at info@sujancreative.com!

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